Mission Statement: Living and Learning Together

Waycroft Multi Academy Trust

Waycroft Academy is an approved Academy Sponsor. As such it can sponsor other schools to become part of its Multi Academy Trust. This is a formal arrangement which allows Waycroft to appoint the Directors who run all the schools in the trust. Waycroft chose to do this to enable its excellent education and curriculum to be shared with other schools to improve provision and raise standards in all the Waycroft Multi Academy Trust schools. The three schools currently in the Trust are Waycroft Academy, Wicklea Academy and Woodlands Academy. These are all South Bristol Schools which are in close proximity to one another which enables staff and pupils to share opportunities routinely.

Values and Vision of the MAT: The Olympic movement has promoted a philosophy of life based on the qualities of the body, will and mind. This philosophy is expressed through actions which link sport to culture and education. The pursuit of this ideal gives rise to a three values, which are applicable to the classroom, the field of play and everyday life. Waycroft MAT has adopted the three Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. These values should be evident in every lesson, corridor and playground every day and be displayed by adults and pupils alike.

The Aims of Waycroft, Wicklea and Woodlands Academies

It is the aim to:

  •          Create a safe, happy and caring learning environment where individuals realise their full potential in line with the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child)
  •          Teach the importance of courtesy, good manners, self-discipline and respect for others including when working together
  •          Teach respect for religious and moral values with an understanding of all races, religions and ways of life in an increasingly multicultural society
  •          Teach and encourage an enjoyment of reading
  •          Teach written and spoken communication skills
  •          Develop questioning in order to extend learning
  •          Develop knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts
  •          Develop an interest and understanding of technology and its applications
  •          Develop a curiosity through problem solving
  •          Promote an interest in all aspects of the world
  •          Develop an appreciation of creativity and an ability to express feelings
  •          Teach recreational games and encourage a positive attitude towards health and physical fitness
  •          Develop an understanding of people as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses
  •          Encourage children to focus on doing their best as opposed to being the best and to recognise and celebrate the achievements of others
  •          Develop a caring attitude toward the environment and the ability to think globally and act locally including within the local community. 

Waycroft Multi Academy Trust School Prayer

This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let every room be full of contentment.

Let love abide here,

Love of one another

Love of life itself and

Love of God.